Pasture Improvement with Ben Bartlett (photos)

Ben Bartlett, Grazing Specialist from Michigan State University, visited the Algoma Pasture Improvement Project site at a recent Algoma Soil & Crop Improvement Association (ASCIA) event on July 31, 2014. During the tour Ben clearly demonstrated that the current pasture forage was a reflection of how the livestock were managed. A short presentation was given on the difficult topic of managing weather variability which included the following advice from Ben:

  1. Know your plant physiology such as shade tolerance, energy storage in plant roots, and warm and cool season grass preferences.
  2. Understand that no particular year will be average, so don’t bank on an average year. Know the range of your variability to help understand the extent of your risk.
  3. Adjust your herd size to reflect the range in weather variability and store more than enough winter forage to carry into the next year.


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