Infrastructure Development

RAIN’s mandate is to build a more resilient agri-food sector in Algoma through applied research and agri-food development projects. This includes increasing direct investment through grower cooperation to address the present agricultural infrastructure barriers in Northern Ontario.

NOHFC Regional Tile Drainage Program

Through the NOHFC Regional Tile Drainage Program, funding is available for tile drainage contractor costs (including materials) to a maximum of $500 per acre. RAIN supports producers in the Algoma and East-Sudbury.

For more information, contact Cathy Bouchard, RAIN Program Coordinator at (705) 942-7927 ext. 3135.

Past Projects:

Tile DrainageAlgoma 4CURRENT$410,000.00820 
Tile DrainageAlgoma 32021$600,500.001201 
Tile DrainageAlgoma 22019$712,000.001424 
 Land ClearingAlgoma 22019$183,500.00 367
Tile Drainage Manitoulin2015$794,000.001588 
Land ClearingManitoulin2015$28,000.00 56
Tile DrainageAlgoma 12015 1668 

What is Tile Drainage or Subsurface Drainage?

The purpose of tile drainage or subsurface drainage is to lower the water table of poorly drained fields by placing perforated drain tubes 2-12 feet beneath the soil. Modern “tile drains” are corrugated, flexible, and perforated (PE or PVC) pipelines wrapped with filter material to improve permeability and prevent the entry of soil particles. Tile drains can be installed by a landowner on their own properties, or otherwise must be done by a licensed professional.

Benefits of Tile Drainage

  • Soil surface of tiled land will warm and dry out more quickly, allowing access to the field earlier and longer;
  • Crops can develop a deeper root system even in extreme wet or dry conditions (see image below);
  • Studies have shown that crop yields and quality will improve by 20-30% when compared to those on untiled land;
  • Improves aeration in the soil and reduces the risk of soil compaction;
  • The ability to better manage water depths on farmland reduces the risk of flood.
How tile drains work

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For more information on the environmental and economic benefits of tile drainage, see Fraser and Fleming’s literature review.