Past Projects

2018 Agriculture Research Results- All projects (PDF Download)

2017 Agricultural Research Results- All Projects (PDF Download)

2016 Agricultural Research Results – All Projects (PDF download)

2015 Agricultural Research Results – All Projects (PDF download)

During RAIN’s pilot (2013-2015), our research priorities were:
  • Diversification

    Testing varieties of oilseeds, biomass crops, and specialty grains in the Algoma District to encourage crop portfolio diversification.

  • Pasture Management

    Research and economic analysis of innovative pasture management tools and techniques to aid livestock producers in efficient resource use, building infrastructure, and mitigating the risks of extreme climatic events.

  • Market Development

    Research and development that focuses on the coordination of agricultural services, and markets for local food and agricultural products.

  • Resource and Data Collection

    Providing access to relevant information on a timely basis to help foster innovation and bring best practices to the region.

Pilot Projects

Start End Title Funders
2015 2017 Keyline plowing for improved forage production and climate change resilience

2015 results

2016 results

Growing Forward 2, Algoma Soil & Crop Improvement Association, ScotiaBank
2015 2017 Nutritional value and integration of hybrid willow and poplar as fodder for sheep

2015 results

2016 results

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, Regen Forestry
2015 2017 Diversification strategy of Thessalon First Nation Biocentre Aboriginal Economic Development Fund, East Algoma Community Futures Development Corporation
2015 2016 Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh.

(In partnership with Algoma Food Network, Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre)

Members of Buy Algoma Buy Fresh, OMAFRA’s Local Food Fund, East Algoma Community Futures Development Fund, Algoma Public Health
2015 2015 Eat Algoma Local Food Festival ScotiaBank, Foodland Ontario, Dawson & Keenan, Loplops Lounge, Algoma Power, CTV, Holiday Inn, Lock City Dairies, Slow Food SSM, St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters, Case’s Music, Algoma Cattlemen’s Association, Algoma Dairy Farmers’ Association
2015 2015 Soybean variety strip demonstration trial
2015 2015 Economic comparison of growing canola and horse hay
2015 2015 Market garden assessment of organic fertilizers
2014 2017 Pasture improvement demonstration and assessment

2015 results

2016 results

Growing Forward 2, Boreal Agrominerals, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, East Algoma Community Futures Development Corporation, Community Development Corporation of Sault Ste Marie, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Plummer Additional Township
2014 2016 Bobolink habitat and hay nutrition project Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affiars, Ontario soil & Crop Improvement Association
2014 2015 Season extension forage production – fodder corn & forage sorghum
2014 2014 Crop variety trials – flax, camelina
2014 2014 Soybean response to sulphur, potassium, and phosphorus applications
2013 2014 Local consumer preferences survey Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities
2013 2014 Agricultural biomass – economic analysis & field trials Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agricultural Adaptation Council, Algoma Soil & Crop Improvement Association
2013 2014 Late-season no-till winter crops – fall rye, winter wheat, camelina, and switchgrass
2013 2013 Quinoa variety trial
2012 2013 Crop rotation options for canola production in Algoma District

(In cooperation with the Antunes Plant and Soil Ecology Lab at Algoma University)

Agricultural Adaptation Council, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Cooks Station Corporation, Algoma Federation of Agriculture, Township of Plummer Additional, Algoma University – Biology Department
2010 2013 Speckled alder regeneration study East Algoma Community Futures Development Corporation, Community Development Corporation of Sault Ste Marie

RAIN Research Update (Summer 2014)

RAIN Research Update Winter 2015