RAIN’s Research Priorities

  • Forage Improvement

    Algoma is well-suited to livestock production, and about a third of agricultural land in the district is pasture. RAIN works to support the use of best management practices for soil, pasture, and forage crops (including hay, silage, and alternative/cover crops for grazing).

  • Novel Crop Studies

    Cropping decisions and practices are dependent on local climate, soil, weather, and market factors. RAIN studies grains, oil seeds, horticultural, and niche/specialty crops that are new to Algoma to provide farmers with local information about how these crops perform.

  • Value Chain Development

    A resilient farm and food sector requires strong value chains that respond to market demands and the needs of farmers, processors and distributors. RAIN aims to understand these demands and needs in order to improve regional value chains.

RAIN also takes on research projects identified as emerging opportunities for northern Ontario agriculture.

Research Project Development

The Research Project Process Flow Chart outlines the steps taken to develop and carry out a research project at RAIN, and highlights key players at each step.

The Research Project Development Timeline is an example of what is involved and how long it takes to bring a project covering one growing season from start to finish.

RAIN’s Research Steering Committee is made up of local farmers, market gardeners, and outside researchers. They meet twice a year to develop research priorities, provide ideas and input on new projects, and review the research program to ensure it is aligned with RAIN’s mission.

Errol Caldwell, RAIN Co-Chair, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (retired)
Dr. Pedro Antunes, Associate Professor Algoma University
Edith Orr, Market Gardening/Horticultual Production
Kristen Taylor, Beef Producer
Alf Roberts, Cash (Field) Crop Farmer

“Although RAIN’s research is tailored to the needs of Algoma’s producers, it will be of interest to other agricultural districts in Northern Ontario.”Errol Caldwell, RAIN Co-Chair

Recent Research Notes

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If there is a specific topic that you would like more information on, contact Mikala Parr, Research Technician at or 705 942 7927 x3046.