SNAPP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I do not have a business number; can I still apply for the SNAPP Program?
-A business number, which may include a farm business number, is required to apply to the SNAPP Program. If you are applying as a corporation, not-for-profit, co-operative or a First Nations community you are also eligible to apply.

Are start-up businesses eligible under the SNAPP Program?
– The SNAPP Program aims to support the production of new agriculture and food products in northern Ontario, increase business productivity and to create and sustain jobs in the agriculture and food sector. As such, start-up businesses are eligible; however, a business plan is required should the company be in business for less than three years (business plan template can be provided).

What qualifies as a collaboration? And what is the maximum amount of funding available for collaborations?

-Collaborations are more than one (maximum three) businesses collectively contributing to the project. Members of the collaboration may participate in the project by benefiting from the piece of equipment being purchased. For example, a farmers’ market may apply, representing a collaboration of multiple farm businesses for the purchase of a flash freezer that will be used by participating farm businesses.

-$5,000 per collaborator, to a maximum of $15,000 is available for funding under the SNAPP Program. At least two collaborators (legal entities) must be businesses, organizations, or persons located in Northern Ontario.

How are SNAPP Program applications reviewed, and against what criteria?

– When applications are submitted, the SNAPP Program Coordinator will work with applicants to ensure the application is fully complete. Applications that are regarded as being a strong fit for the program will then be sent to the Application Review Committee (ARC) on a monthly basis for evaluation. Applications are rated by ARC on the following criteria:

  • How novel the products to be developed are relative to Northern Ontario (Product Stream)
  • How will season extension techniques be applied to the product(s) (Season Extension)
  • What new efficiencies will be implemented to increase production and decrease operating expenses (Productivity Stream)
  • Projects that clearly demonstrate environmental and ecological benefits at an impacting scale. (Clean Tech)
  • The use of innovative equipment or processes
  • The scalability of the project (ability to expand production/sales)
  • The economic or sales impact of the project on the business and on Northern Ontario
  • A clear marketing or distribution plan
  • A sound business plan (start-ups only)
  • Application completeness

Successful applicants will be notified as approved, and those applications that are not approved will be placed back in the applicant pool for further review at the end of the application intake period. Please note the ARC will issue approved project costs for eligible applicants, which may not always include all costs submitted on the SNAPP Program Application.

Are equipment upgrades or replacements eligible?

-If the equipment being purchased creates a product already being produced by the business, the equipment would not be deemed eligible. If the piece of equipment replaces an existing piece, but also includes the capabilities to create new products for that business, the equipment would be deemed eligible. The emphasis of the SNAPP Program is to create new agriculture and food products to that business, provide season extension opportunities and improve business productivity, not to upgrade existing equipment.

Are vehicles or tractors an eligible equipment cost for the SNAPP Program?
-No, vehicles or tractors will not be eligible.

What are examples of eligible projects/ equipment?

-High tunnels, greenhouses or hoop-houses to create new crops or to extend the growing season

-Food processing equipment such as a meat-smoker or curer to create new meat products for that business; canning equipment to preserve vegetables; flash freezing equipment to freeze vegetables

-Fibre processing equipment to create new wool products for that business

-Grading equipment to create graded egg products new to that business

-A monitoring system for maple syrup production

When will I be notified if my application is successful?

-The Application Review Committee will review applications on a monthly basis. If the Application Review Committee determines the project is successful, recipients will be notified within one month. If the application is not deemed successful at that time, it will be placed back in the application pool for review at the end of the intake period.

If I am successful, how does payment work? 

-Successful applicants hereon referred to as Recipients, will receive a copy of eligible expenses approved by the Application Review Committee. Recipients must purchase the approved equipment and submit proof of payment to the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre. After proof of payment is received, recipients will be reimbursed for 90% of the approved grant. There will be a 10% holdback until the final results report is submitted. This must be submitted within six months of the project completion deadline (or sooner).