Testing Cross-seeding of Hay and Pasture: Call for Interested Farmers!

RAIN is looking for farmer co-operators interested in testing cross-seeding as a method of establishing hay or pasture for spring of 2016. The landowner must be either planting a new pasture/hay field or be rejuvenating an established field by re-seeding. The project aims to assess whether cross-seeding is an economically viable technique for Algoma farmers. It uses the same amount of seed and other inputs as conventional sowing methods, but requires two passes with equipment in order to achieve better ground coverage with the crop. Increased ground coverage benefits soil health by reducing erosion, and can improve yield from the forage through weed suppression from competition. Cross-seeding is already a recommended practice in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in co-operating on this project, please contact Christine O’Reilly at 705 942 7927 x3147 or coreilly@ssmic.com

Cross-seeding illustration

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