Crop Variety Trials: 2015 Canola Report

Ten acres of canola were grown in 2015 with a grower co-operator near Echo Bay. Bayer CropScience provided seed for variety InVigor L130.

Previous crop was a long-term hay field. Canola was planted the first week in June and harvested September 24th. No additional nutrients were applied to the crop.

Dry yield (tons/acre) 0.957
Moisture (%) 9.4
Grade 1.0
Unit Price ($/ton) 466.70

Canola yielded 0.96 tons/acre at 9.4% moisture. The grower reported no economic difference between growing canola and horse hay that year.


Historic Yields

In 2004, nine canola varieties were tested in the Portlock area. Yields on these small plots ranged from 0.44 – 0.95 tons/acre with an average of 0.72 tons/acre. The trial was planted June 8th and harvested in mid-November.


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Thanks to Craig and Sandy Holmberg for their hard work in making this trial a success.

RAIN hopes to continue testing a range of crop types and varieties in 2016. Producers interested in assisting with this project are asked to please contact:
Christine O’Reilly
Research Technician
Phone: 705-942-7927 x3147

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    1. Good catch! I’ve updated the research note to reflect the previous crop status and the nutrient applications, both of which affect yield. Thanks!

  1. Hello, it is great to see more on farm demo as the Ontario Canola Growers are hoping to get more acreage . Northern Ontario is the place for the expansion of this cool season crop. Unfortunately many growers in my area (Temiskaming) have cut back their acres due to severe insect (Swede Midge) damage.
    The Ontario Canola Growers (web site) has really good information.
    The Canola challenge shows the yield potential as this year the winner had 103 bushels per acre (2.25tonne/ac). Incredible but maybe not economical !
    Early seeding (early May) is one of the key element to a good start on well drained soil.
    Word of Advise! June 8th is too late! Too much yield loss! You have to get the canola in the ground much sooner. Hope this year will work better for you! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice, Daniel. We also didn’t apply any additional nutrients to the crop; by combining an earlier planting with fertilizer applications we should be able to get a pretty good yield.

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