barley trial

ASCIA head-to-head barley variety trials

by Mikala Parr, Research Assistant

The Algoma Soil and Crop Improvement Association conducted an on-farm assessment of several varieties of feed barley. One location near Thessalon on River Road was comparing CDC Austenson and AC Encore. This field was underseeded with alfalfa, clover, and timothy. Both varieties were sprayed with Cobutox 625 and MCPA 500, and given 8-32-16 fertilizer.  Across both varieties on 11 acres, yield averaged 26.35 bu/ac.

comparing barley heads

L: AC Encore R: CDC Austenson

Variety CDC Austenson AC Encore
Plating Date 17/05/16 17/05/16
Harvest Date First week of Sept. First week of Sept.
Planting Rate 120 lbs/ac 120 lbs/ac
Height 46.6cm 61.7cm
Test Weight 42.74 lbs/bu 44.87 lbs/bu

The second site on Government Road in Desbarats was comparing AAC Mirabel and HY621. Both HY621 and Mirabel were fertilized with 6-24-24 at 146lbs/ac. This plot was underseeded to a grass/clover mix at 12 lbs/ac.

comparing barley heads

L: AAC Mirabel R: HY-621

Variety AAC Mirabel HY621-(6R)
Planting Date 13/05/16 13/05/16
Harvest Date 03/09/16 03/09/16
Planting Rate 106 lbs/ac 106 lbs/ac
Height 57.7cm 63.8cm
Test Weight 47.43 lbs/bu 49.29 lbs/bu
Yield 2760 lbs/ac (1.25 t/ac) 2800 lbs/ac (1.27 t/ac)

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