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Growing Connections in Algoma – Farmer/Chef/Buyer Speed Dating

Growing Connections in Algoma – Sandra Trainor (PDF)

Algoma Table – David Thompson (PDF)

Whole Farm Planning workshop with Ben Bartlett

Being a Better Grazier PDF – Bartlett
What is Holistic Managment PDF – Bartlett
Soil Health and Livestock PDF – Bartlett

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RAIN Pollinator Symposium 2015 – Agenda & Presentations

RAIN Ag & Food Symposium Agenda PDF

Susan Chan, An Introduction to Common Native Pollinators on Farms in Ontario PDF

Susan Chan, Designing Farm Systems to Conserve Native Pollinators and Reap Economic Value PDF

Mary Eaton, History & Beekeeping in Algoma PDF

Dave Kreutzweiser, Neonics, Honeybees, the Forestry Connection and a Worldwide Integrated Assessment PDF

Jordan Winter, Overwintering of Honeybees in Algoma


Northern Ontario | First of Kind Research: Overwintering Honey Bees (Northern Hoot)

The Bee Effect (Northern Hoot)

RAIN Food Summit 2014 – Agenda & Presentations

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RAIN Agriculture & Food Symposium 2014 – Agenda & Presentations Symposium Agenda

RAIN Symposium Agenda
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Dr. Bors Slides
Ron Lewis Slides
Dale Jackson Presentation
Boreal Winery Slides
Symposium – RAIN Update Slides
Fruit Guide Ch 1-14 and Supplement for 2013



Agricultural Tile Drainage and Storage Study – Final Report

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), through Conestoga Rovers & Associates (CRA) and CG Trivers Ltd., has completed the Agricultural Tile Drainage and Storage Study, “An Agricultural Engineering Analysis and Development Strategy for Algoma District”. Due to the size of this file, it is hosted on the FTP server. Visit: Username: TileDrain Password: R@IN2014

Northern Agriculture - Tile DrainageNov 26th, 2013: Producer Meeting Tile Drainage & Storage Study

1. Powerpoint Presentation from Robert Bressan, Conestoga Rovers and Associates — Summary of Agriculture Tile Drainage Study Results CRA Presentation to Algoma Farmers – November 26, 2013 2. Powerpoint Presentation from David Trivers, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food & Ontario Ministry of Rural Affairs — Current Municipal Tile Loan Program Tile Loan Program – November 26, 2013 [youtube id=”_j2vwklj5tM” width=”600″ height=”350″]


RAIN Research Agenda

The Algoma Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN) has completed its first year of the 3-year pilot project for the delivery of projects and services beneficial to the agriculture and agri-forestry sector in Algoma District. The purpose of this document is to build on the RAIN Terms of Reference to formalize RAIN’s research priorities for the next two years of the RAIN pilot project. The RAIN’s Research Agenda includes a brief summary of the Terms of Reference, an overview of existing projects that have been established through grower support, a situational analysis and an outline of the Research Agenda that will include a logic model with project outcomes and activities. This plan will assist RAIN’s staff, stakeholders and partners to get a broader understanding of how producer input will result in an applied research approach for RAIN over the next two years. The project will relate how applied agriculture research will meet the goals of the pilot project that aims to stimulate the farming sector in Algoma District and in the rest of Northern Ontario.

RAIN Terms of Reference

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN) has developed through ongoing discussions with stakeholders, consultations with local farmers, and through the efforts of its co-chairing (partner) organizations, the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) and the Northern Ontario Research Development Ideas Knowledge (NORDIK) Institute. These discussions have produced the RAIN Terms of Reference (February 2011).