Job & RFP opportunities

The Sustainable New Agri-Food Products and Productivity (SNAPP) Program brings together organizations to support agri-food economic development within northern Ontario.  SNAPP strives to stimulate the development and expansion of the agriculture and food sector in northern Ontario and catalyze sustainable jobs or increase agri-food employment; address challenges specific to northern Ontario agri-food production such as a shorter production season, distance to markets and a lack of economies of scale; promote value-added processing and innovative production and processing practices that increase scalability, profitability and competitiveness and improve efficiency or resource use, reducing ecological impact and carbon footprint while enhancing profitability.

SNAPP is seeking project partners to represent certain regions of northern Ontario, with experience in one or more of the following:

•             agriculture

•             economic development

•             food processing

•             product development

•             environment and sustainability

•             technology, innovation and enterprise/business development

•             francophone and Indigenous communities

•             knowledge or experience with the above sectors, specific to northern Ontario would be necessary for a successful partnership

The RFP can be downloaded above. Proposals are due no later than Friday, August 9th, 2019 – 5:00 pm. EST.  Send submissions by email to David Thompson, RAIN Project Coordinator,